PHARMINAR has been built to make pharma information easy and convenient. Think of PHARMINAR as the master app for pharma - a one stop shop where all companies share information about therapies, brands, new trends etc. Instead of tracking emails, texts, what’s apps, downloading apps and visit ing websites, all you need is to download one master app PHARMINAR. To put you in control, you can regulate the flow of information by setting your preferences, You can browse through PHARMINAR when you have the time, tag your favourite posts so you can see them in one place, and post questions and comments as well.

Preference Setting

Decide what information you want, from which company and when


Tag your favourite posts and see them anytime


Ask your questions to the company


View everyones comments and post your own

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Doctor's Opinion

Dr Vinod Javeri

MS, Urologist

Pharminar like concept can do wonders in Physician’s productivity. Well I am totally practice focused and haven’t been able to give much attention for Pharma developments in last 40 years.. well now I think Digital is the era for Pharma to get my attention.

Dr Snehal Panchal

MD, Pain Management Specialist

My OPD is really very busy. And I could hardly devote great time for Medical Rep from different Pharma. I do understand their information is important for clinical decisions, but don’t find time in engaging in detail with them. However, now it seems possible to stay informed with Pharminar.

Dr Y A Matcheswalla

M.D. | Psychiatry

My wishes to Pharminar and its team.. I strongly believe in centralisation of information from various sources. Well, you guys have not only helped make it simple but have also given access to latest case studies, medical education through webinar like tools.

Dr Hiren shah

MD | Gynaecologist

It’s a creative idea on the digital world of Medical community. The shared knowledge, that too from an authentic source will enable me to fulfil my vision of an improved patient care.

Dt Apeksha Thakkar

BSc - Food Science & Nutrition, PGD in Sports Nutrition and Dietitics

Pharminar is a ground breaking concept on how Pharma use to connect with me. Especially, in a situation like Covid-19, I can really rely on Pharminar APP to connect to different webinars and online topics across the country.

Dr Shantilal Jain

MD | Internal Medicine Specialist

I am really looking forward to contribute my knowledge in the shared network that Pharminar is coming up. My vast experience in the industry may benefit the entire community via such platform.

Dr Anju

MBBS, PG | Cosmetologist

I think with the launch of Pharminar, peer communication will become absolutely simple. Presently with multiple groups on multiple social media has really been difficult to manage.

Dr Prasad Bhukebag

MS | MRCS (UK) | Laparoscopic Surgeon

The idea of one platform for managing all medical information is very good. It can help me focus on my subject matter and share it with my fellow colleagues. This is a very good blend of technology and medical knowledge.